Site Submission Guidelines

Sugarbush Info will accept link submissions free of charge for most maple syrup related web sites based on any of the following content:

  • Maple syrup producers ranging from farm gate sales to large tourist operations
  • Equipment and supply manufacturers
  • Equipment and supply distributors
  • State or Provincial maple syrup producer associations
  • International maple business and research organizations
  • Web-based maple related research and information
  • Maple syrup festivals or events with permanently hosted web sites

We are likely to edit the following links before approval:

  • links to subdirectories within your domain
  • links submitted to the wrong category
  • links which contain affiliate codes
  • incomplete, inadequate, or misleading site descriptions
  • misleading or inappropriate site titles
  • unnecessarily explicit site descriptions
  • typos, errors, or omissions in your submission

We will not accept the following types of links:

  • sites with little or no maple syrup relevance
  • links to subdirectories within a domain already listed in our database
  • sites that do not have their own domain name or that use an IP address as a URL
  • any type of illegal, adult, or other inappropriate content or subject matter
  • sites with automated pop-up windows
  • incomplete or very poorly designed sites (no "coming soon" pages please)

Webmaster Information

The big thing everyone always wants to know right up front is... no, a reciprocal link is not required to be included in our directory, however, by placing a link to www.Sugarbush.Info on your site you will automatically receive extra exposure in our listings. We aren't picky on the type of link used as long as it's hard coded and not placed within a password protected area of your site. We also do not have any specific requirements on where the link is placed but please be reasonable and fair when doing so. If you would like a banner or button for use on your site we have a selection available from our Banner Page but feel free to make your own if you like. When you are ready to submit your link just go to the most appropriate category and click on Submit Link in the main silver menu bar at the top of the page and we'll take care of the rest. If your link has already been included in our directory and you would like to make changes or update us with reciprocal linking info (so your site will be featured), just contact us with the details. Please keep in mind that our category structure is very much a work in progress and will likely be adjusted and/or subdivided as our listings increase.

Category Listings

Categories display links in random order as the default. Visitors to Sugarbush Info can then sort listings according to their preferences. Once sorted by a visitor, any sites with valid reciprocal links will be placed before those without. The Featured Sites box will also appear at the top of every page and contain random listing of every site in our directory with a confirmed reciprocal link (5 random sites for each page refresh). Reciprocal links are checked every week so if you change the page it's located on be sure to have us update your linking information otherwise your site will be dropped from the more favourable placement. If you add a reciprocal link after submitting your site or we've listed it for you, you will also need to have your listing updated .

Site Thumbnails

The main page thumbnail shown for each site is automatically created by a third party provider for your default domain page (usually index.html) if it's not already in our database. If a thumb does not appear for your site when your link submission has been approved it will be added within a couple of days after posting. Once thumbnails are in our database they are also monitored for site changes but at a much slower rate. Changes to your web site's index or home page may take from 30 to 60 days to be reflected in the thumbnail samples but that will not affect the link to your site in any way. Please note that our thumbs are only taken of the default page for your domain name and will not capture pages in subdirectories.

A Word To The Wise...

Our site search is based on the site description you provide so spend some time on it. Do not load up your description with a list of keywords as it makes no sense to people browsing the listings and they will be edited by site administrators before posting anyway. You are far better off to write a proper description of exactly what your maple business has to offer, who may be interested, describe your location, and then working in any other key words likely to be searched by those looking for what you have to offer.

Reciprocal linking is a step that is easy to skip or ignore but it's your own site traffic you will be holding back by doing so. Sugarbush Info is not a pay site, our interest is in gathering qualified Internet traffic and sending it to YOUR site. By gathering a little bit of traffic from many different sources it allows us to feed those looking specifically for your products, services, location, or information directly back to you. The exchanging of links also has the added benefit of favourable ratings with most search engines which further increases your site traffic. A tasteful text link is all that's needed, can easily be included without ruining site design, and pays large dividends in the long run.

Last Revised: January 15th, 2011