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sugarbush information

Several years ago my wife and I decided to start a small maple syrup business in Eastern Ontario and, as most do these days, we turned to the Internet for information. That was the start of a long and often frustrating process of collecting web site links to suppliers, other local maple producers, and general maple industry information to help build our business. Over the years our list of links has grown to cover most of the maple producing States and Provinces and several birch syrup producers. Sugarbush.Info is our attempt at putting all of our links online for others to benefit from quickly and easily. It's our intention to develop Sugarbush.Info into a non-commercial one-stop maple syrup portal serving both consumers and maple producers alike as our gift to the maple industry. Whether you are looking for a sugar shack, maple syrup producer, maple syrup festival, maple equipment dealer or simply want general sugarbush information, we are confident you will quickly and easy be able to find what your are looking for in our directory of maple syrup web sites. Merna & I are pretty excited about this project and look forward to seeing what develops from our efforts. Feel free to send us a message anytime with your comments, questions, or suggestions and we'll be in touch right away.

Sugarbush Info is owned, designed, managed, and hosted by Stonebriar Farm.

~ Bryan Exley & Merna Brown
   Dunvegan, Ontario