Sugarbush.Info officially launched

Several years ago my wife and I decided to start a small maple syrup business in Eastern Ontario and as most do these days, we turned to the Internet for information. That was the start of a long and often frustrating process of collecting web site links to suppliers, other local maple producers, and general maple industry information to help build our business. As an example of what I mean just try searching "sugarbush" on Google and you will get hundreds of pages about a ski resort in Vermont or a search for a maple producer in the State of Delaware will result in listings for either Delaware County, New York or the City of Delaware, Ohio. Over the years our list of links has grown to cover most of the maple producing States and Provinces and several birch syrup producers. Sugarbush.Info is our attempt at putting all of our links online for others to benefit from quickly and easily. It's our intention to develop Sugarbush.Info into a non-commercial one-stop maple syrup portal serving both consumers and maple producers alike.

With our official launch on January 1st, 2011 there is still much to be done. Design, databases, and programming are finished but adding links will be an on going process for most of the winter. Once the directory represents most online maple producers and suppliers resulting in a true North American Directory our focus will be turned to improving the usefulness of the site to the consumer by adding a zip & postal code distance search. People wanting to visit a local sugarbush will simply enter their postal code and get a listing of maple producers within a specific distance rather than having to browse based on State or Province. With over 43,000 U.S. zip codes and another 850,000 Canadian postal codes, both in different formats, it will be a big project that we want to work on exclusively once the balance of Sugarbush.Info is complete.

If you have your own maple syrup based web site it's completely free and without obligation to add it to our directory. Just navigate to the best category for your site and click on "Submit Link" on the silver menu bar near the top of the page. If your link is already listed, please review it and let us know about any changes you would like made to your listing. We encourage all web site owners to write their own description as no one knows your maple business or organization like you do. Our current site search is also based on what you add in the description field so keywords are important. Describe what is special about your business with lots of information about your location. Any web sites that link to Sugarbush Info will also be included in our "Featured Sites" box that appears at the top of every page AND your listing will appear first in your category. If you add a link to our web site be sure to let us know so that your listing will be upgraded to a Featured Site.

Merna & I are pretty excited about this project and look forward to seeing what develops from our efforts. Sugarbush Info is owned, designed, developed, managed, and hosted by Stonebriar Farm located in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

~ Bryan & Merna

You can visit Sugarbush Info on the web at www.Sugarbush.Info.

Jan 1, 2011