Producers getting ready for the 2011 maple season

With spring just around the corner most maple producers have stepped up operations in preparation of the highly sought after "first run" which typically produces the lightest syrup of the season. Some warmer climate producers near the Southern edges of the maple region are already reporting sap runs but most are busy working their way through setting thousands of taps in preparation for their own mid-February to mid-March first run. As spring slowly edges North it will be the official start of the 2011 Maple season for all maple producers throughout the American Northeast and into Canada.

Now is the time for you and your family to be picking out a sugarbush to visit this season. Browse the listings in the Sugarbush.Info directory for your State or Province to find a local sugarbush and check out their web site for details of what they have to offer. A sugarbush, sugar shack, pancake house, cabane a sucre, or maple syrup festival comes in as many variations as Crayola Crayons with each one affording its own experience. See large factory style maple syrup operations utilizing 100’s of miles of tubing to fill tanks the size of swimming pools with sap until it can be processed by multiple evaporators and sent off to the automated bottling line. Perhaps more of a back to basics approach is of interest with traditional sap collection techniques and a home made evaporator set up in the “back forty”. A cabane a sucre offers a whole different experience yet again with its huge dining hall, live music, abundant food, and a real sense of celebration for the spring harvest. For those with a shorter attention span or a desire to see, hear, taste, and do it all the same day a maple syrup festival is the way to go with it’s multiple events, vendors, & displays.

If that is still not enough choice, those with young families can visit working farms where your children can hold the chickens, pet the rabbits, or feed the alpacas. Empty nesters may enjoy a romantic weekend away at a quaint country B&B complete with it’s own private sugarbush. Active types may enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride or snowshoe hike through the maple forest and for the thrill seekers, you have access by snowmobile on groomed trails leading from one sugarbush to another. No matter what your interests it “boils down” to a delicious all natural product we all love. Visit a sugarbush with your family this year and create memories that last a lifetime.
Feb 1, 2011