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Sugar Shacks 
Show us your sugar shack being built or as it stands today.
91 33
Sat February 7, 2015
by Brookmaple
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Home Built Equipment 
Let's see the rig you've built or that custom canner in the works.
76 8
Sun February 15, 2015
by Paul VT
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Making Syrup 
Making the grade is what it all boils down to. Let's see your photos of boiling,
filtering, and bottling the finest maple syrup ever made.
42 5
Wed April 23, 2014
by Maplejay
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Tapping & Tubing 
A great way to show how you get things done when it's time
to run new lines or fix the current ones.
33 5
Sun March 8, 2015
by GramaCindy
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Sap Haulers 
From the luxurious to the bizarre, show us how you
get your sap back to the sugarhouse.
19 9
Fri March 8, 2013
by markdago
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Family and Friends 
People, places, and events. Everyone loves to come visit
during sugar season but few want to help.
25 1
Sun April 28, 2013
by Bryan Ex
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Sugar House Companions 
Pets and companions that keep you company while working
the bush or during late nights at the sugar shack.
23 8
Fri May 2, 2014
by Maplejay
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The Olden Days 
Historical photos of times past when sugar making was very much a full family affair
and far more work. Please add whatever information you can to the description.
9 6
Sun February 12, 2012
by Father & Son
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Paul VT

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Brookmaple Sugar Sha

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[ Sugar Shacks ]

Recent Comments (more...)
Do I need to drill another hole on top of the tap hole to make this accessible from the tap?
by GramaCindy
11044614_10153051093076251_3200856539702204966_n.jpg She is a beauty thanks to you and Mosie.
by woodroe
Join the club on being behind. But this year is worse for me. Everything I have wanted to get done i...
by Paul VT
image94.jpg Great thanks. I am picking up my tubing and going to build one next week. Once again this year I am ...
by Fire guy
What is it?
by Schiefe4
012.JPG Number 5. And I used 3/8 coupling nuts.
by Paul VT
If you don't mind me asking.....what size vice grip did you use. 5 or 7's. I would like to build a p...
by Fire guy
image94.jpg ADK1, thanks for posting your pictures. I just bought a used rig very similar to yours and was I won...
by Daveg

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