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Originally Posted by Maple Flats View Post
I mixed glycerine and water 50/50 and it worked well, but that was before I first tried any 3/16.
Not sure glycerin is an approved use for maple production??
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Joe Mott, I just got done with checking my one bush that I switched to 3/16 last year. I had a lot of them come undone. I agree with Mapleflatts, I used the hot water, thermos idea. Pushed them right on no tool needed.
2.5ft. by 8ft raised flue arch, preheater and hood
600 taps in 2 different sugar bushes 300 each. All on gravity. approx. 75 buckets in other woods.
12 ft by 36 ft sugarhouse
2018 bought 250 gal. RO.
Tapping 200 taps at neighbors all on buckets and gravity
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Old January 16th, 2019, 09:43 AM
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2 years ago I had about 350 taps on 3/16, out of 750 total. Because of a health set back the lease did not get tapped in 2018. I will see how many got pulled loose the next time we go to work the lease. At the sugarhouse bush when tapping for 2018 I only had 3 lines in 3/16 with a total tap count of just 21 (they were experimental, pulling sap with 26" vacuum on the mainline from taps below that main) and I had none pull loose. I had installed them using a LOAC 2 hand 5/16 tool adjusted to work on 3/16.
1320 taps on vacuum, 2015, 700 in 2016, 750 for 2017,
up to 850 in 2018
2012 Mahindra tractor/cab/loader/AC
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