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Old March 18th, 2017, 12:17 AM
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Default Reason to switch from buckets to tubing

I am only the messenger here. I was told today in my store, " know why the Amish all switched to tubing?" I replied" why?" He said the trees weren't big enough to hold the weight of the bucket & were tipping over.
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OneLegJohn (April 10th, 2017)
Old March 18th, 2017, 07:25 AM
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what are you guys drinking out there? Pass some along please

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Old March 18th, 2017, 08:21 AM
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They might need to side tie the saplings with the buckets for support.
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Old March 18th, 2017, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Maple Flats View Post
They might need to side tie the saplings with the buckets for support.
Or just put a second bucket on the other side to even it out.
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Old March 18th, 2017, 07:06 PM
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I'm not sure if that is supposed to be a joke but that is funny. I can picture that!!

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Old March 18th, 2017, 09:32 PM
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Well theres an amish producer close to me who has 3000 taps out. He stopped by and ask me to go to his place and help setup a 5x16 he bought used. While there we went for walk in his woods. He didnt over tap his bigger trees, however I could wrap my hands around half the other ones. I asked if he was culling them he said nope he will rotate through them only tapping them every 3 years. He was using 1/4 inch spouts. I found it a bit different strategy myself.
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Old March 27th, 2017, 06:55 PM
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I guess you could save tapping time by drilling all the way through and putting a spout on both sides! Just saying!
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RHale (March 28th, 2017)
Old April 10th, 2017, 09:29 PM

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This is a funny post.
From 250 buckets and a 2X6...
To 10,500 taps and a 4X14...
With lots of lumps to show for it...
Thank you to the maple community forums!
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