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Old June 11th, 2016, 08:59 PM
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Default goose neck trailer

After using a 3/4 ton Ford pick-up diesel to haul 1 275 gal tote, plus pull a 2990 GVW trailer to haul another I upgraded to a 16' goose neck trailer, changed the old badly rusted p/u box, put on an aluminum flat bed with goose neck hitch under a lift plate, huge improvement. While I can carry 4 totes on my 14,000# trailer, I only needed 2 this year for sap and I carried a 3rd with permeate to wash the tanks. Each time I finished pumping a tank, I turned the sap pump (Honda WX15, 1.5" pump) around, connected it to my permeate tote (I only filled it to about 100-125 gal), connected an onboard hose/spray nozzle and washed the tank before running the vacuum again for more sap. This made it real nice, and easy. If I had enough taps to haul from I could haul 1 more 275 gal tote.
This was far better than my old set up.
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