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Default My saps journey

Talking about tanks on another thread I got to thinking about all the things my sap contacts. this will be a long sentence.

Out of the tree thru the tap into the drop line down the lateral into the mainline and thru the releaser into the cage tank pumped into the sap hauler and then pumped back out into my SS bulk tank pumped thru the RO into my concentrate tank and pumped into the head thru the evap into the draw off bucket pumped into the finisher and pumped thru the filter press into the bottler or drum.

My finished syrup gets stored in 5 tanks and passes thru 6 pumps and contacts 14 valves made of PVC, Brass, SS. Its cooked in SS and filtered in Aluminum and stored in a lined steel drum. Its pumped thru pre filters a membrane and has DE added to it and goes thru filter papers in the press. I guess my point is its amazing how many things it contacts on its journey.
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Old June 6th, 2014, 03:46 PM
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You forgot the all important taste buds.

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