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Default Need help on a DIY RO setup for General Use


I am new here and am glad i found this place as their are a lot of experts here. I am looking to build an RO setup with the Axeon HF5 4040 Membrane and the SS 40"x4" Membrane holder for General use. I am looking to get 2-3 GPM of water usage out of the RO system. Is this possible for only water use? I have been all over the internet and this website has amazing knowledgeable people. So I am glad i stumbled into here.

So far I have the following but can buy anything needed to get this going. I am a little familiar with RO/DI since i used to have a 300-gallon saltwater tank.

I am looking at the Marathon 3/4 HP motor and a Procon vane pump. It looks like the consensus is to buy the biggest pump you can afford. Please advise and give any input possible and thanks.

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