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Default RO Question

Can someone explain the difference in tw30 membranes? So does a 50 gpd membrane clean better than a 100 gpd? The membranes are the same size but they can run different gpd rates. How does this all work? Thanks!
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Old April 11th, 2016, 09:15 AM
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Default membrane capacity

I could not find any data to confirm my feeling on this, but I would be 95% sure that it is an issue of how much area of membrane you have.

The membrane in all of these units is just a flat sheet of material which is rolled up (sort of like a scroll) with spacers between each layer, so the water (or sap) can get to one side, and permeate out of the other to the center fitting.

For the small units which you are talking about, I am guessing that they will roll up different lengths of membrane. It is like buying a roll of tape 10 foot long vs 20 foot long. Permeate production is proportional to the total area of your membrane.

The performance of the membranes should not be different for one size vs the other, you are always going through a single layer.

You'll notice that as you go up in size from the "home" type units you are talking about, all membranes are of fixed output for a given size - this is because there is no point in putting lower capacity internals in a bigger package. Think buying a grill tank of propane at Home Depot, where they only fill 15 lbs in a tank that is designed for 20.

Have fun
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