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Old April 9th, 2016, 08:48 PM
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Default Membranes and Microbes

I finished my season Easter Sunday, then left town for a week, then procrastinated a bit until today to put my membrane away. Before leaving I had run about 100 gallons of permeate after a warm rinse cycle. When I opened it up today it smelled kind of like "sour cheese". I wouldn't classify it as foul, but definitely not quite right. So then I did a soap wash and rinse with last of my permeate today hoping it would clean up. It's much improved but still kinda smells. Then, I mixed up 1% SMBS and put it in a PVC canister for storage.

My questions are, is this normal? Will it go away with the SMBS and more washing? Or, did I let it sit to long (10 days or so) and there is no going back?

I would hate to impart some funky flavor in next year's syrup. I also really hope I didn't ruin the membrane after only one season.

One last note. I noticed the yellow tape wrap was "blistering" all over the membrane. After the wash cycle almost all that blistering was gone. I figured that microbes were multiplying and producing gases as a result of their metabolism. I believe these gases are what stink.
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