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Old February 15th, 2014, 05:17 AM

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Default Freezing Membrane Alert - How to know

It. Has been a cold winter. Probably an understatement, at this point. However, I believe my membrane may have gotten really cold in their storage cannister and metabisulfite solution. Didn't think about it until now....if they froze, they'll pass sugar from the water expansion. And I'm thinking the best way to test this is to run tap water through and measure the permeate conductivity. If it is 4-6uS, I won't be concerned. If it is 30-40uS, well, I'll probably pass some sugar through this year.

I'm an idiot for not bringing them in my basement... My floor heat failed and it may have been off too long. The only thing I hold out hope for here is, the tankless water heater is on the same wall. If it froze, I would expect some water leaks. So, none of my pipes broke....maybe, just maybe, my membranes are fine.

Any freezing membrane expreince here?
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Old February 15th, 2014, 11:41 AM
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John .....
I bet your all set ..... if nothing else froze why would the membranes have froze.
However, time will tell!!!!
Good luck with that.

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Old February 17th, 2014, 06:37 PM
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You will know your first day you use them. If you pass sugar to your permeate you blew the membranes. To get them to Lapierre for testing and back will take about 3 weeks too late for the season. I would only turn each membrane on one at a time to figure out which one is leaking if they leak. Fortunately that is easy on a Lapierre unit.
Unplug the hose connections and cap and unplug the power. For each one.
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