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Old October 29th, 2013, 07:53 PM
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Default Good deal on Fluid-o-Tech pumps

Working on getting parts for my homebuild r.o. and came across the model PA801 for $30 at It's a 253 gph and should work well with 1 post machine. I ordered 2 at that price since shipping ($14 and some change)was less than a buck more for the spare pump. You can get it with or without the bypass. They
shipped fast with no problems. Pumps look good!
Also picked up a 3/4 horse Marathon motor from Grainger for $117 with my Farm Bureau discount. Not a bad start I figure.:)

They also have some smaller pumps (50 gph ) for around $50 if I remember . Might be good for those filter press pumps Haynes was mentioning in the other thread?
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