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Old March 16th, 2018, 08:54 AM
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I live on a hobby farm and surrounded by commercial farms. It's all good. I can shoot in my backyard, have animals, and can have an open fire on Saturday nights just out back. Only thing I ask of the neighbours is please don't spread manure on the hay fields right before one of the few long summer weekends. Typically I have city people visiting and it doesn't go over too well. If I had a subdivision right next door they would certainly complain about all the noise from the geese and especially at this time of year.
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Old March 16th, 2018, 05:36 PM
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It's funny, last year I was out shooting in my yard when a lady pulled in my driveway and asked what I'm doing and that the noise was scaring her daughter in law. I showed her my ear muffs and said she should get a pair they really work.they were not used to country life I guess.havent heard from her since.some city People move to the country and want to change it to their liking.
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