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Default Serveying your property

Back in 1972 I bought a piece of property from a friend. I wanted a small chunk of land to park my VW bus on and stay weekends. He took me out to this farm he had and pointed at the woods and said this is it 200ft on the road it goes back 1,000ft with 400ft on the back side that jogs back towards the road 550ft then over 200ft and 450 to the road. Yea its L shaped because I sold a small 200x450 piece to someone else $2,000.00 and its yours.

I get a loan and build me a road and all is good. Then a friend buys the next 100ft x 1,000ft for $2,500.00 So we get it surveyed and I pile stones around all the stakes and I put a mound of cement around the stakes on the inside corner of the L shape. He builds a road and a camp site area and life goes on. The back section is in a corn field and the farmer till all the markers and piles of stones over because its in his way

I build my cabin and over time I buy my neighbor out for $2,500.00 and build my sugar shack on his gravel campsite area. I take 2 sisters on as 3 way partners in the cabin to make life easy. Fast forward to about 2014 and the people that own the small section next to me call and want to know if I might be interested in buying the property????????????????? WELL YEA how much we talking? $35,000.00 Yikes ok let me think about it! OH yea and we were looking at the plot lines on the county web site and it looks like your road and parking lot is on our property that's why we thought you might be interested. CRAP CRAP CRAP. I call back and say yea lets do the deal.well they get cold feet and now its 2015 and I get the call. Hey chuck you still interested in the land. Yup how much? 50 GRAND.............YIKES. OK so we settle on 40 and we do the deal.

Now I call the county and we look at the plot lines and I say to the clerk that the map must be way off and she says NO they are very accurate. Well turn out that I now own the front yard and 1/2 the road and parking lot of the cabin property that I have with the sisters. Then I look on the other side of the map and my entire maple syrup operation is on cabin property. Now I own 4 pieces of property that I pay taxes on and cant get a dang instate fishing license and I don't know what is what and whose is whose.

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So the moral of the story is always get it Surveyed when buying land each and everytime to make sure you know what you own and what you share. Good news is it's all family and you have your name on all the titles. It could have been much worse you could own the farm field and the farmer could own your cabin and sugarbush. That would have been a dilemma for sure. Maybe even slighty comical . As for the fishing that has to do with being a resident. Landownership doesn't establish residency trust me I own property in the UP that has a deep camp and I pay out of state tags not a cheap deal for me either.
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Originally Posted by Radnagel View Post
I own property in the UP that has a deep camp and I pay out of state tags not a cheap deal for me either.
The state of Michigan should be paying you to hunt in the UP, not the other way around. Its a said situation in da UP for sure......
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If your land is surveyed you have a leg to stand on, if not you don't.

You chose your state of residence by where you pay taxes.
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It sounds like a big mess to me. First off, go to your county seat and look in the County Clerk's office. Find any survey maps that exist for or adjacent to the properties in question, pay for copies. Then do some research, At the county tax map dept. you will find maps of every section in the county, with their "belief" of where the boundaries are and who owns them. Record it all in notes you take. The tax map dept. will generally tell you that the maps are accurate "to the best of their ability" and will further say that only a survey will place the exact property lines. Well, guess what, 2 surveyors doing adjacent properties almost never agree where a line is.
Point of fact, my brother recently (about 8 yrs ago) had a parcel surveyed that bounded the New Your State Thruway. He was just separating it from his main parcel which contains his home. When he got done, he filed the mylar map at the county clerks office. Then shortly after his neighbor came and said the surveyor had marked one line wrong. When it was checked out, the surveyor had indeed made a 87' error. When my brother contacted the surveyor, they went back out and discovered that indeed an error had been made, and the corner in question was moved to exactly where the state had set a concrete monument back in the 50's, 87' back. The surveyor then drew a new mylar map and handed it to my brother, along with a bill for the new map. At that my brother said there was now way he was paying for a new map, it had been their error, not his. They said they would file a claim in small claims court and my brother said try it, you will be laughed out of court. To this day, he has never seen or heard from the surveyor.
Back to the case at hand. Compare the tax maps with any info you have uncovered. Then , also at the tax map dept, get deed, book and page number of every parcel, yours and adjacent ones. This takes time but it can be done, in fact I have done it. Read each deed, just the boundary descriptions and the measurements and plot them on a large graph paper to rough scale of an appropriate size.
Now you will be able to answer some questions. On many you may need to search back thru a series of owners. It will take time, when I did mine I likely spent 100-125 hrs in research, buying copies and sketching the lines on a large graph paper. In the end, I straightened out a hodge podge of properties that I had bought at tax sale. In these properties I had to go back to the 1870's when a railroad had bought a piece thru the middle of the whole area, and trace deeds thru the years. The deeds covered 7 or 8 parcels that had gone up for taxes numerous times after the railroad had failed in the 1950's.
When all was said and done, I was able to get the parcel surveyed and I sold it complete with a warranty deed for a nice profit.
Your goal will be to sort this out and end up with clear title to the property (s).
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