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Default What to do with end of season Snot?

Hey all, I have found the best thing to do with the end of season syrup that will just not filter.

Make AcerGlyn out of it.

It's real simple and easy to make. you will need:

2 clear 1 gallon jugs.
1 stopper and vent
1 package of yeast, D47 works good

Fill the gallon jug about 2/3 full of syrup. (you can reduce the syrup to about 55% brix, if you want)
Mix the yeast in a coffee cup with warm water, just like you were making bread, also the directions are on the back of the package of yeast. once it comes a live put it in the gallon jug of syrup.
Put the stopper and vent on the jug
Place it in a spot where it wont get hot of too cold. (no direct sunlight, 65 to 75 degrees works good.)
Wait 4-6 weeks.
Siphon off the top into the 2nd jug, leave the crud on the bottom.
Put the stopper and vent on the new jug.
In a month if you get more crud in the jug, transfer it again. the crud will give it a off flavor.
Wait until you like the taste.
Then siphon it off into some old (clean) wine bottles.

It will be sweet alcohol by summer or wait for Christmas and it will be dry and taste like a maple whiskey.

Different yeast will change the flavor and alcohol %. there is all types of information on the Google, search for "how to make Mead"


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