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Old February 5th, 2014, 08:00 PM
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Default Maple Velvet

One from my college days - I took a full box of pint mason jars to school with me...

1 Part Whiskey (Black Velvet if you want to have the name work, otherwise, to suit, though something Canadian is probably appropriate - development work was carried out with Lord Calvert, as best I recall.)
1 part maple syrup
3 parts ice&water

Stir, shake, whatever. Use fizzy water if you like, but beware of overfizz if you do.

Imbibe; enjoy; don't drive.

To get the full experience, serve in laboratory glassware (naturally, laboratory glassware that's purchased new and only used for food purposes.)
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Old February 9th, 2014, 08:16 AM
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Default Maple Liqueur

The recipe above sounds delicious. If you'd like more of a liqueur, very like the Sortilege produced in Quebec or Sapling produced in Vermont, mix one part maple syrup to three parts whiskey. Most any whisky works. I was given a bottle of Crown Royal and it works nicely. I've used Canadian whiskeys and American.

For a distinguished taste, try an aged single malt scotch. Marrying scotch and maple combines the best of both worlds. Be careful, this mixture goes down easily even for those not used to more potent drinks. Inebriation takes place rather quickly.

Of course the best is mixing maple syrup straight from the evaporator while you're boiling. It's dangerous!
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