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2016 New York State Maple Conference Schedule
by Stephen Childs December 11th, 2015

2016 New York State Maple Conference Session Descriptions
Friday Evening 5:30 to 6:30
Auditorium Making and marketing maple - What has worked for us Glenn and Ruth Goodrich, Goodrich's Maple
Ruth and Glenn have considerable experience of their own along with many experiences of those they have worked and they will be sharing those with us. Glenn and Ruth are both entertaining speakers on their own but with both in the same room you never know just what will result. Not sure if it will be fireworks or flower petals but something interesting will be in the air.
Middle School Cafeteria Granulated Maple Sugar Show and Tell Moderated by Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program
Maple granulated maple sugar is gradually becoming a more significant piece of the maple market. By varying the method of how it is produced it can range from a very course hard sugar that is excellent for topping cookies, pies or frostings to a very fine confectionary sugar great for making frosting, powdering baked goods or making fine textured creams. Maple sugars can be made wetter or drier depending on procedure and equipment. Maple sugars are very shelf stable and need to be introduced to more of those in the restaurant trade along with maple syrup. A variety of production methods will be demonstrated as well as the best intended uses for granulated sugar made with different techniques and equipment. Bring your recipes, products and successes to share. From this session we would like to put together a brochure “Recipes Using Maple Sugar”. There will be reward for attenders who bring a recipe and sample of your product made with maple granulated sugar.
Saturday Sessions
Session I 9:00-10:15
Auditorium Managing the evaporator and automated defoaming Nick and Marty Wendel, Wendel's Maple and More
This session will look at defoaming techniques that can make your evaporator run smoother. New methods of automatically adding defoamer will be discussed along with some other new technologies.

LGI Do you know you can produce the taste you want for your maple syrup ? Joel Boutin, Quebec
Maple taste is a formed from a variety of factors including soils, trees, collection system, sap handling, concentration methods and equipment, filtering and finished product handling. Is it possible one or more of these are throwing your flavor off? This session will look at what makes for great maple flavor vs. mediocre flavor vs. bad flavor and what you likely had to do with it.
Media Center Optimize your Production with a Smart remote monitoring system Rock Gaulin, H2O
Technologies in remote monitoring various aspects of you maple operation have improved significantly in recent years. What you can monitor and what you can control remotely will be discussed and demonstrated.
Middle School Café. Maple Coated Nuts Greg Zimpfer
This session will demonstrate how maple coated nuts can be made to obtain excellent shelf life.
#11 Maple – A Sweet Tool for Education Katie Bigness, New York Agriculture in the Classroom
Whether you are hosting students and children on your farm, or have been asked to present a maple lesson in a classroom, learn some tips, tricks, and resources to make your presentation a success. Books and new maple lessons, worksheets, and teaching resources will be shared in this informative, education-focused workshop.
#12 Land as your Legacy Dennis A. Hughes CLU, ChFC, Nationwide
The “Land As Your Legacy” program was developed to help families leverage what is often one of their largest assets, the family farm or ranch. We have developed a process to help families think through the critical decisions that need to be made in times of transition.
#13 Silviculture – what it means to manage your woods Peter Smallidge, Cornell Extension Forester
Learn about the variety of strategies available to help woodland owners, maple producers, foresters and forest practitioners manage their woods and sugarbush.
#14 Maple history that your customer may find interesting Don Moser, North American Maple Museum
Maple production has a very interesting history from the time before Europeans came to America, during colonization and up to this present day. There have been many changes in how things are done. Informing customers of this interesting history of maple production can be engaging and build product loyalty. A slide presentation of the history of how pure maple syrup came to be, specifying interesting facts and innovations.
Home Ec Room Assessing the Value of Remote Sensing Capabilities for Maple Producers: From Satellites to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Frank Padula, GeoThinkTank LLC
An overview of applicable remote sensing technologies, datasets, and data applications will be discussed. The focus of this talk is to facilitate an understanding of the current, existing, and future remote sensing capabilities that can potentially add value to any scale of maple production.
Mid School 44 Sugar trees – Their potential for sugar makers Bill MacKentley, St. Lawrence Nurseries
Many different species of trees may be tapped to produce high quality syrup and high quality profits for the adventurous sugar maker. This workshop will cover basic genetics and environmental biology of a number of sugar producing trees including our Sweet Sap Silver Maple, other soft maples, Juglans species, Betula species and Platanus occidentalis. Many offer novelty, a new taste, short time from seedling to tapping size, and different site and growing conditions making their entrance to the world of syrup exciting, productive, nutritious and profitable. When he/she sees an advertisement, the sugar maker needs to know how to evaluate whether trees being advertised are truly a good deal or just a come-on based upon wishful thinking.
Your sugarbush or woodlot may be the home of many other potentially value added products that go well with a sugaring operation. Time allowing I’ll discuss some of these, showing how new products may be made using your existing equipment. Come, bring your questions and be ready for a very different kind of sugaring workshop.
Music Suite Maple Queen and Princess Program Maple Queen and Princess Program
This session is for contestant private interviews and is closed to the public. Young people who would like to help promote the maple industry as Maple Queen, Princess, King or Prince will be judged on private interview skills, public speaking as they present short speeches on their choice of topic related to maple, poise and confidence and answering of an on stage question. Winners will be named for each county represented and each queen and princess winner will have the opportunity to represent her county at the New York State Maple queen Pageant in Croghan. For the presentation of speeches and on stage questions be sure to visit us during the second session after 10:30.
High school cafeteria How to Make the Most of Your Maple Weekend Angela Swan, NYS Maple Weekend Coordinator
Angela Swan, newly appointed NYS Maple Weekend Coordinator, will talk about how to amplify the event through partnerships, how to increase sales and build a customer base through maple weekend participation, what safety precautions are advised and what the state association provides as support for the event. Q&A will follow. Good for producers currently participating in Maple Weekend and for those still considering it.
Break 10:15-10:45
Session II 10:45-12:00
Auditorium 35 BRIX Concentration and Evaporation Jean Francois Goulet, Lapierre Equipment
RO technology continues to improve. Come learn how these improvements work and how you can work with them to get the most out of your RO. This year with the development we have done on 35 BRIX concentration and evaporation, we have created an all new line of specially designed R.O.’s and Evaporators for that purpose called HYPERBRIX. This approach represents fuel costs reduced to a minimum without compromising Maple taste.

LGI 3/16” Tubing: What We Know And What Comes Next Tim Wilmot, D&G
This presentation will review the principles of using 3/16” tubing to achieve high vacuum with gravity, along with some of the research performed over the past 6 years that showed the most successful methods and materials. Additionally, new applications will be discussed, including results from hybrid systems using pumps with 3/16” tubing, as well as ideas for future research to answer a variety of questions related to these systems.
Media Center R/O Proper Wash and Rinse and how to measure proper flow of your R/O machine Scott Boyce, CDL
Proper care and cleaning of your reverse osmosis machine can present a variety of questions. This session will take a look at how to clean, when to clean and the best materials to use to clean and store your RO membranes.
Middle School Café. Making and Marketing Maple Value Added Products Ruth Goodrich
Ruth Goodrich will demonstrate making a variety of maple value added products and share her experience as she has worked to improve them over the years.

#11 Mushrooms for maple producers: a new enterprise Steve Gabriel, Cornell Small Farms Program
Are you interested in learning to grow exotic and wild mushrooms? Forest Mushroom Cultivation, one of the classic "forest farming" practices, allows woodlot owners the opportunity to grow mushrooms for their own consumption. Various species of mushrooms are inoculated on cut logs in forests. They are used as a food (a natural remedy to ailments) and as a potent flavoring. Marketing will cover the sale of mushrooms directly to consumers, restaurants, and stored in a dried form. Fungi can behave unpredictably, so understanding how to adjust to unpredictable fruiting, careful storage, and proper sanitation to prevent contamination with other fungi will be discussed.
#12 Improving Your Maple Business’s Web Presence JJ Schell, CCE Oswego County
Jonathan Schell, Agriculture Team Coordinator, with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County will discuss having a web presence as an essential part of marketing in this day and age for any small business. This is no different for maple businesses, who will learn how to create and or improve their web presence in order to assist them connect with current and potential customers online.
#13 Insects in the woods –principles of entomology for maple producers Mark Whitmore, Cornell University
Many insects live in the sugarbush and some of these can become damaging pests. How the sugarbush is managed can play a part in if and when insects become a problem. This session will take a look at principles of entomology for maple producers.
#14 Maple Plant Anatomy (How does that maple tree work?) Eric Randall, Randall's Maple Products
A good understanding of why sap runs and how a maple tree works if first of all very interesting but also results in treating the trees right and improving production at the same time.
Home Ec Room Research Update: Tap sanitation, 3/16", uv, plus Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program
This session will provide an update on the various research projects on the part of the Cornell Maple Program. The results of tap hole sanitation, 3/16” tubing, maple candy quality and efficiency, use of uv light, birch, vacuum cooling, small RO systems research conducted in 2015. Updates to some Extension projects will also be covered.
Mid School 44 Economics of buying and selling sap Mike Farrell, Cornell Maple Program
Do you currently boil sap that other people collect? Are you interested in expanding your maple operation by possibly buying sap? This session will cover the economics and logistics of buying sap. It will go through the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets posted on the Cornell Maple Program website and explain how you can use them to keep track of sap deliveries and analyze your sap purchasing operations. We will discuss sap pricing in detail and how to figure out whether it makes economic sense to purchase sap.
Hall near Auditorium Tubing installation tips and guidelines Steve Bedard, Lapierre USA/Sarah Orban, Lapierre MI

Learn tubing installation tips and guidelines on a simulated sugar bush. Geared toward producers new to installing tubing or who want to brush up on installation procedures and guidelines.
Music Suite Maple Queen and Princess Program Maple Queen and Princess Program
This session opens to the public at 10:30 and continues until the program is completed. Young people who would like to help promote the maple industry as Maple Queen, Princess, King or Prince will be judged on private interview skills, public speaking as they present short speeches on their choice of topic related to maple, poise and confidence and answering of an on stage question. Winners will be named for each county represented and each queen and princess winner will have the opportunity to represent her county at the New York State Maple queen Pageant in Croghan.

Lunch 12:00-1:15
Session III 1:15-2:30
Auditorium Managing your vacuum and tubing system Glenn Goodrich, Goodrich's Maple Farm
This session will cover sizing vacuum pumps and tubing systems to your size operation and how to maintain good vacuum, tubing system maintenance and management.
LGI Continued Research On Maple Tapping Guidelines: Tapping Red Maple, and Tapping Below the Lateral Line Tim Wilmot, Proctor Maple Research Center, UVM
Scientists at the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center have been studying maple tapping guidelines for a number of years in order to produce useful recommendations that are research-based. This presentation will describe recent studies on two important parts of that project. Tapped red maple trees were dissected to examine the size of the internal wound, and to make determinations of whether tapping guidelines for sugar maple are also appropriate for red maple. Also, the results of preliminary experiments comparing sap yield from tapholes below and above the lateral line will be discussed.
Media Center Super concentration using RO Rock Gaulin, H2O
This session will look at the recent developments in concentrating sap to even higher levels using reverse osmosis technology.
Middle School Café. Maple Cream for the Beginner Dean and Ruth Esther Delavan, Delavan Farms
This session will be demonstrating making maple cream on a homemade cream machine (50+ years old). Details of how much to cook and cool the syrup for making excellent maple cream will be covered and you will also be hand stirring your own small dish of maple cream. Handouts will be provided.
#11 Getting the most out of your Auto Draw-Off Robert Crooks, Marcland
Getting maple syrup density correct is a continuing problem for maple producers. This session will take a look at the issues involved and work through how to management of your auto draw-off so you can get the most out of it.
#12 Cool Down Your Conflict Christine Tauzel, Mark Leuthauser, NYS Agricultural Mediation Program
Do you ever meet “Conflict Creatures” in your daily life, community or business? Join Mark Leuthauser from the Peacemaker Project for practical tips on recognizing and responding to people with distinct styles and approaches to disagreements. Learn how producers, farm families and agri-businesses are using the NYS Ag Mediation Program to manage conflicts.
#13 Emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid – ecology and practical management advice for maple producers Mark Whitmore, Cornell University
Emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid are two pests likely to be soon damaging trees in your forest and sugarbush if they are not there already. This session will look at the ecology and practical management of these pest.
#14 Sugarmakers’ perceptions of climate change: Survey results and discussion Diane Kuehn, Ph. D., Lisa Chase, SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Do you have concerns about climate change? What types of business adaptations have you already made or are you thinking about making over the long-term? Find out the results from a survey of sugarmakers in NY and VT, and share your ideas about adapting to the potential impacts of climate change.
Home Ec Room Experiments with making maple molded candy Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program
As part of the “Improving maple sugar candy quality and production efficiency program” funded by the Genesee Regional Marketing Authority Agricultural Grants Program we have conducted a variety of experiments with various aspects of the maple sugar candy making process. The goal was to make a smooth textured yet firm sugar shape as labor efficiently as possible. This session will discuss and demonstrate the results of this research.
Mid School 44 Tapping Birch & Walnut Trees for Syrup Production Mike Farrell, Cornell Maple Program
How is tapping walnut and birch like what you already do with maple? How is it different? This session will be a discussion of the practices used to make walnut and birch syrup as well as an update on the latest production research and marketing experience.
Ag shop hallway Basic Sap House Setups and Considerations for the Beginner Tour and discussion of VVS Sugarhouse
Tour the actual working saphouse of the VVS FFA including discussions of configurations, sap processing, syrup processing and bottling, utilities, and open house considerations. This tour starts in the agriculture shop hallway, the hallway next to the High School Cafeteria.
Ag Shop Welding Stainless Steel Training Brian Ryther, Mill Hollow Maple
This session will provide training on using a TIG welder to make repairs or build stainless steel equipment. How we use SS in my maple operation. Welded SS pipe line in the sugar house and custom mainline fittings. How the welded SS pipe line improves sanitation that promotes better food handling practices. The cost saving benefits of making your own main line fittings. I will go over technique and methods for making sanitary welds.
Music Suite Maple Queen and Princess Training Workshop Maple Queen and Princess Program
This workshop is open to the following: County and Regional Associations, Maple Coordinators, Maple Chaperones, County and State Queens, Princesses, alternates, and future Queens and Princesses. This workshop is intended to inform participants on appropriate language and attire for specific events. Provide you with more information about the maple industry. Inform participants of materials available to help support presentations. What do you do if at the event they ask you to say a few words and they didn't tell you ahead of time? Come have fun and learn about being a Maple promoter
Break 2:30-3:00
Session IV 3:00-4:00
Auditorium Advanced Sugarhouse Management Brad Gillian, Leader Evaporator
Improve your process of handling sap from the tanks to the RO, evaporator, filtering and more. Understand the impact of quality sap, and cleaning techniques to improve overall syrup quality.

LGI Best tubing systems for top sap production Joel Boutin, Quebec
What can you do to be very satisfied with your tubing system? How you will chose the material and how you install it will make the difference.
Media Center Straight talk on reverse osmosis technology Steve Ofarrell, Memprotec
Steve O’Farrell is manager sales and marketing for Memprotec Inc. He cumulates more than 25 years of experience as professional in the maple industry. His two great passions are Reverse Osmosis Technology and Evaporation Systems. As a young kid, under the attentive eye of his grandfather, Steve developed his interest for maple without knowing that one day he would make a career in this industry. Technically inclined, he loves to share his knowledge to help others in the development of their own passion for maple syrup production. His extensive comprehension of RO systems has led him to the filtration and concentration processes of other food product such as aloe juice, fruit juice, vegetable extracts etc. In his conference, Steve will go through the complete RO process procedures. He will speak about the impact of RO technology on our industry, how we should adapt our process procedure for evaporation of sap of different concentrations and much more. In this interactive session he will answer the questions of the new comers or experience producers. An opportunity not to be missed!
Middle School Café. Making Molded Maple Sugar David Campbell, Mapleland Farms
Mapleland Farms has won many ribbons at the NYS State Fair and the Washington County Fair for making outstanding molded maple sugar candies. This session will demonstrate the techniques that have made that possible.

#11 Produce your own individual label in full color Robert Christoffel, Creative Labels of Vermont
We would like to show how small businesses in the maple industry can produce their own individual label in full color with their own art work for their product...using are New HP 6800WS Indigo Press. We can produce 10 or more labels at the same time on this press and offer substantial saving to each individual business and with low quantities and thus provide a beautiful and individual they can call their own.

#12 Turning Your Hobby Into a Profitable Business JJ Schell, CCE of Owego County
Jonathan Schell, Agriculture Team Coordinator, with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County will provide an overview of business planning, financing options, agriculture business considerations, labor, insurance, sap bush leases, and record keeping techniques for maple producers interested in expanding their business.
#13 Working with Foresters: Who’s Who and What’s What Kristina Ferrare, CCE Onondaga County
People talk about using foresters but what can they do for you? Is there more than one type of forester and how do you know what kind of professional will best serve your interests? This workshop will clarify who does what in the woods and how you can be sure your best interests are met.
#14 Introduction to Maple Exporting Michele Ledoux, CCE Lewis County
Building upon our experience with Maple Exporting this workshop will give you a basic primer on how to get started on exporting maple products.
Home Ec Room Maple videos and other materials for you to use Stephen Childs, Cornell Maple Program
The Cornell Maple Program has been putting together a variety of print and video materials that can be used for education and entertainment of sugarhouse visitors. Also a series of point of sale enhancers will be presented and available.
Mid School 44 Opportunities in the Maple Beverage Market Mike Farrell, Cornell Maple Program
This workshop provides a general overview of recent developments in the maple beverage market. Selling sap into the beverage market has become a significant opportunity in the last couple years. Though issues of storing and marketing sap will be featured other beverages will also be discussed.
Music Suite Maple Queen and Princess Program Maple Queen and Princess Program

Closing 4:00 PM
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