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Default storage tanks

Was out working at a guys house and saw 2 blue tanks in his garage. I worked my majic and got them both for $35.00 1 is a 120 water starage tank 120 gallons that worked in tandom with the 85 gallon pressure tank both were installed but never used. They also came with pressure switch and pressure regulator and all sorts off copper fittings.
I plan on plumbing the RO into them so I have a large reserve of Permeate to wash the floors and equipment. I will also store permeate for flushing the RO. Im also thinking I can do a simple recirculation system with a coil in the flue stack. It will be simple it will turn the circ pump on when the oil burner is on so you cant make steam. I only expect it to warm the water so it will never be a boiler set up.

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