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Old March 1st, 2015, 08:49 PM
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Default 3/16" line unspooler

My 3/16" lines all run from the end tree directly to the storage tank and some of them are close to 1000' long. I made this unspooler to help me with the job of running the lines. I attach the line to the end tree and then carry the unspooler as I walk past each maple until I get to the tank.
As the photos show, it consists of two pieces of 1/2" plywood, 4 pieces of threaded rod, 4 hex nuts, 4 T-nuts, 4 wing nuts, 8 washers, a paint can (empty works best ), a length of 1" tubing for the handle, and a piece of sheet metal slightly narrower than the height of the paint can. The paint can is permanently bolted to one of the plywood pieces. The sheet metal piece is formed into a circle that is slightly larger in diameter than the paint can and just a little smaller than the inside diameter of a roll of tubing. Without this piece, the roll of tubing doesn't rotate and hangs up. I covered the cut edges of the metal with tape to avoid cutting myself. A roll of tubing drops on nicely and I cut the poly once the second side is secured in place with the wing nuts.
I used it yesterday when making drops too. It sat on the floor with the roll sitting vertically and it was easy to pull off the desired length.
Hope this helps someone.
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3/16" line unspooler-pieces-unspooler.jpg   3/16" line unspooler-assembly-without-tubing.jpg   3/16" line unspooler-partially-assembled.jpg   3/16" line unspooler-assembled-unspooler.jpg  
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very very nice i just finished stringing 4000 feet on my arm... definitly build one of these lol lol
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