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Default Time to build a New Tool

While chasing leaks this year i was getting tired of cutting off the drop and pulling the clear spout and skinning off the piece of 5/16 that was left on the CS so i could insert it back into the tree and reseat it again.

So i kinda did what the pic shows with my 2 Hander and tapped lightly with a rock to reseat the CS=worked. had quite a few every time out as this season we had 1 rain storm and usually have 3-4 during the season to help the tree swell up from water intake and keep spouts sealed well.

Idea is for those of you with these CS to build up a single pair of vice grips and a coupling nut cut in 1/2 and have the grip end like a tubing tool-then add a small shaft and slide weight to the Vice Grips and use the weight like a slide hammer to seat the spout without removing the CS from the tree=AND you could also use that as a spout remover if you slide hammered it in the oposite dirrection if need be.
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Is this thing working or what?
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