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Old December 28th, 2014, 08:41 AM

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Can you find a game where we can chase J lo around the sugar shack holding a long handled scoop because that's the only reason to own one....................FTLOGCCUPJBQ
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Old January 8th, 2015, 01:14 PM
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So I just realized I had this bet outstanding for the arcade. So did randy win or what? Who needs to ante up?
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Old January 10th, 2015, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Isle Harbor Maple Farm View Post
Taplin, I guess that is what you said. That bet reminds me of my ex-father in law. At the horse track he used to bet on the horse to take 2nd. Maybe Southern Harmony can pick off some of Randys high scores.
I still take your bet, you take Randy and I get the field. That's a good bet.
I was looking on arcade the other week and it looked like randy was in the lead with most games in high scoring position. I think he was 2014 arcade champion.

BryanEx are you able to post the photo finish/it was pretty close.
Is this thing working or what?
World's Sweetest Maple Tree - YouTube
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As I have been working through all the various areas of the site since the move to a new server I realized I forgot to reset the arcade scores on New year's Eve. Typically I reset everything to let the gaming champions once again battle it out for bragging rights. Should I reset at this point or leave it be until 2019? I have also noticed the Windows Edge does not support the arcade given it is based on Adobe Flash.
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