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UVM Proctor Maple Res Ctr
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Default Southern Syrup Research Symposium

Southern Syrup Research Symposium

September 28 and 29th
Summersville, WV

The maple world will turn south this September to focus its attention on the potential for syrup production in the Central Appalachians. With plenty of maple, as well as birch, walnut, sycamore, sorghum, and a relatively untapped market, the Central Appalachian and surrounding region is experiencing renewed interest and growth in the making of syrup. West Virginia organized a producers association 4 years ago to Kentucky just last fall.

The purpose of the Southern Syrup Research Symposium is to focus attention on the specific opportunities and challenges of sap and syrup production in this region. It is to bring together scientists, extension specialists and producers to learn and to discuss the issues.

Friday is dedicated to research presentations pertinent to the purpose of the Symposium. Researchers from The Proctor Maple Research Center, Cornell University, West Virginia University, Virginia Tech, Ohio State and others will be on the agenda. The goal is to learn about the sap and syrup research work being done, how it applies to environmental conditions in the Central Appalachians, and identify areas that need further exploration.

Saturday will be time for our maple experts to interact with sap and syrup producers. The day is structured around a series of panel discussions on topics to include: Sanitation, Agroforestry, Entrepreneurship and marketing, Sorghum, Technological Innovations, and Alternative Tree Saps. There will also be a session for producers to share their experiences as they grapple with issues pertinent to sap and syrup production in the region. Saturday also features a plenary session on climate change and syrup production.

Friday evening will feature a special West Virginia Welcome reception, including a square dance featuring a dance “ The Maple Syrup Real” choreographed special for this event. The Symposium also features a Vendor Trade Show and a poster session featuring maple initiatives taking place in colleges and schools.

For more information, and to register go to:
or call: Paula Smith 304-358-2000
Dr. Tim Perkins
UVM Proctor Maple Research Ctr
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