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Originally Posted by Moser's Maple View Post
My yield on a 3 gallon batch is approximately 22-23 pounds depending on how fussy I get scraping scraping sides of the machine and how much I I try to squeeze out of the machine. Be honest I normally do multiple 3 gallon batches, and bring my yields closer to an average of 8 lbs per gallons.
My first question would be what density is your syrup. I know that this gets people rialed up, but a slight under density syrup will yield less in pounds.
Are you fully scraping down the sides? Are you leaving the valve open until no more candy mix will come out. What temp are you running the jacket at.
Really surprised you are get away with 32 degrees above boiling point with out vacuum cooling. When I use to go that low the candy was way to soft.
I really think I must have made a gross error in weighing the output. The density is something I immediately thought of and checked a sample from the same batch and it was on, so really the only explanation is that I didn't record the weight of some before it was packaged up or moved to another location to cool.

I don't know what vacuum cooling is, could you explain?
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