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Default maple candy yield

I'm a bit confused by the yield I got from my first big (to me) batch of maple candy using my sunrise machine. we did a 3 gallon batch, and got approx 12 lbs of candy. is this normal? I know there is some that came out after cleaning the machine with additional hot syrup, which we will use in the next batch, but the numbers just don't seem correct to me. we took our syrup to 32 above the BP of water, then cooled to 180 before running into machine.

What should a normal yield be per gallon of syrup? i saw a post abusing 1 gallon of syrup should yield 8 lbs of candy, but that seems way off from what we got. I'm asking because we're trying to price the candy correctly.

FWIW the candy turned out great, nice and creamy yet still melt in mouth.
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