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I ended up with 80.5 gallons bottled on 335 taps. I was in the woods yesterday to start taking down the lines and several of the taps were dripping pretty good. Hopefully I can get the lines back up the same way next year.
2012 - 10 taps cooking over fire pit

2013 - 136 taps 2 X 6 homemade evap., homemade water jacketed canner

2014 - 262 taps on bags and tubing to pails
Homemade hood and preheater
2015 - 335 taps 7 inch short bank filter press, 100 taps on 3/16 and 3 shurflo pumps
2017 Smoky Lake 2 x 6 drop flu pan set, hoods, water jacketed bottler and concentric exhaust system
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