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I've had big wild swings in the weather. It was 50's Thursday, 60's Friday and Saturday. I almost pulled a all-night-er trying to boil out before the latest cold plunge. And still ended with 165 gals in one cage tank, now in a big block of ice. After hauling generator back home for pending heavy ice storm at 5 am I'm draining flue pan,,,,, lighting, thunder, small hail, then to heavy sleet with rain. As i'm driving back home almost have whiteout from snow. Thankfully didn't get much ice but this morning it was 9 degs and calling for about zero Tuesday morning. But calling for warming into 30's and 50's by weekend. so maybe another run good run. Last two weekends have been a good run and cooking late both Saturday nights.

Sap has been running about like usual,,,,,,, about 1 3/4%. Maybe a little more sap than last year, but har. So hard to tell as I have almost all on tubing this year. As some of the new tubing I put up this year was on low slope don't know if I'm getting full run out of those. Will try to make some changes next year.

I've made about 28 gals so far, so I'm getting close to last year's 37 gals,
2014 300 on tubing
2013 new Smoky Lake 2x8 with 6 foot drop, 280 taps with 130 on tubing
2012 Built my own arch with AUF for drop flues when i get it using old flat pans,,, 200 taps
2010 Built a sugar shack using used tin,,, now got a roof over me
2009 and before cooking out side
2008 bought my piece of land
1972- 2008 cooked as work permitted
1972 Mom and dad made some syrup in kettles for first time
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