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2/21/2013 sick of freezing temps
Old February 21st, 2013 08:01 PM
Lake View Maple Lake View Maple is offline
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So.....I went to the sugarhouse to see everything kinda still frozen,not solid but enough were I wasnt going to light a fire,so what to do? I grabbed a couple rolls of tubing and a bucket of fittings and a tool belt with a drill and 2 batteries and took a walk.I went onto the side on the mtn were we havent tapped anything yet and went as far as I could and started to run a new lateral line.I ended up with 15 taps on my first run and tied right into the mainline I had .I went back up and started a little farther over and a little farther back and ended with about 25 taps on this run.I know it sounds like a lot but this is really steep and it flows really good ,a nice piece of woods thats never been tapped,all the trees are around 14 to 26 inches through.So I had an awesome day ,doing something that I love to do.The weather was kinda cold with a bitter wind ,but the last 2 taps on the last tree the sap started running ,thank you God above.Hope you all are ready for next week ,looks liks perfect weather coming ,Al ps it kinda looks like goat country ,lol
2011 125 taps on line and 25 buckets
2012 250 taps on line and 25 buckets
2013 430 taps on line and 25 buckets
2014 430 taps on line , new 3x10 D&G drop flue and 25
buckets ,looking to expand again next year if it all goes well
2015 500 taps on line , 110 on vac
1 Old Goat just to keep him busy
My awesome wife Marcinda who lets me buy maple stuff John Deere 790 to do all the heavy stuff
and the Good Lord above ,Amen
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