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2013 all in
Old February 12th, 2013 11:04 PM
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I put in all of them today 385 ,and a few buckets the Old Goat likes to hang up,The sap was running hard and had a nice steady stream coming off the mtn.I hooked up the sap Guzzler and left it running at the sugarbush behind the barn.There is about 150 taps there and I watched it for a while not knowing what to expect never having used any kind of vac before.It seemed to work pretty good ,I could see the sap moving in the lines,so I went to the sugarhouse and started tapping there,finished it all off and came home with high expectations.I was kinda disappointed,there was about 60 gallons in the tank but not much of a stream coming out of the pump.I took it off for the night and hooked a line into the tank.I took it apart when I got home and there was a piece on black plastic mainline stuck in the flapper ,not letting it seal so it lost vac.I will need to install an inline screen for tomorrow .Great day otherwise looks like I might be sweetening the pans on Friday,YEEHAA the season is here ,and the sap was at 2%.Godd luck and God Bless all,Al
2011 125 taps on line and 25 buckets
2012 250 taps on line and 25 buckets
2013 430 taps on line and 25 buckets
2014 430 taps on line , new 3x10 D&G drop flue and 25
buckets ,looking to expand again next year if it all goes well
2015 500 taps on line , 110 on vac
1 Old Goat just to keep him busy
My awesome wife Marcinda who lets me buy maple stuff John Deere 790 to do all the heavy stuff
and the Good Lord above ,Amen
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